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Envoi de Andrew Fynn, septembre 2010.

for Michael

I heard today that you had left
and I know
what I must do

I walked tonight among the trees
and thoughts of you
moved the bay and redwood trees
for only you
could move the branches
without a breeze

the stars are out tonight
the crickets catch and play their song

and I know what I must do -
surround my life with love
become as visible
as you


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signature de Michael C. Slakey

Michael Slakey était mon ami avant la créa­tion de cARTed, il a par­ta­gé cette aven­tu­re en y par­ti­ci­pant ac­ti­ve­ment dès le dé­but. Je lui of­fre ici, avec la com­pli­ci­té de ses amis, ce ca­hier / clin d'oeil main­te­nant qu'il est parti.

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