cARTed Series n.303 - janvier 2015 - Le Pré Saint Gervais
Mini série de 9 cartes

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Self compassion*

Let me be safe
Let me be peaceful
Let me accept myself as I am right here and right now.

I am safe
I am peaceful
I do accept myself as I am right here and right now.

Zelf compassie

Laat me veilig zijn
Laat me rustig zijn
Laat ik mezelf accepteer zoals ik ben, hier en nu.

Ik ben veilig
Ik ben rustig
ik accepteer mezelf zoals ik ben, hier en nu.

*With thanks to Chris Germer

carte postale de Kate Nobbs

Are you tired of your old brain, constantly stressed and telling you that you are not good enough ? Here is a solution. Brain surgery in a card. Without any hospital admissions, anaesthetics, or surgery. Using your brain's own neuroplasticity and a gentle daily practice of self compassion, you can re-wire your brain, and let the old, stressed synapses shrink into disuse. Bring your brain into harmony with your heart. Embrace the possibilities that exists !

The synaptic gap 2015

Paper, watercolour, graphite, gouache